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Opal is the stone of hope and love.

We are a husband and wife team that started making jewelry to show love and support each other. We are inspired by our marriage to make jewelry that is made to love. Our jewelry is a celebration of love and meant to compliment your life, with each piece bringing you happy memories. We are here to help you find a unique opal that you’ll know is the one.

Making jewelry together takes teamwork and communication. We want to take our marriage and business into a situation where we are doing something for the greater good. Our jewelry gives back to a community that serves us every day. You can see our individual style in the jewelry, but together with you, we accomplish more.


 Our jewelry has become a reflection of our personalities.

You can shop one-of-a-kind pieces in our hero collection which are as brave as Ryan. Or you can shop the refined signature collection, a little more like Chrissy.

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I could tell Ryan was up to something and this act of service started our jewelry business. Jewelry is like a biography and we want to help tell a story and the chapters of your life. Learn more about our story here>>

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Vibrant beauty and refined designs that are Made to Love.

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