When you are looking for a symbol of love, giving a gift, especially jewelry is usually the best choice. That’s what Ryan was working on when small boxes kept arriving at the house and working in secret in the shop. He handcrafted two beautiful rings to give to me as symbols of his love.

Legend has it there is always a reason why souls meet.-2.png

We are Ryan and Chrissy Jones, a husband and wife team that fabricates all the jewelry in Beaumont, Texas. We have three cats and enjoy RVing across the country. We are self-taught jewelers that mix traditional metalsmithing skills with new age welding techniques. We enjoy getting to know you and those that you love. We have learned that working with your spouse is not always easy and may cause some fireworks.

We decided to work exclusively in opal because it represents beauty, hope and artistic skills.

After our experience of wanting jewelry made with love, we knew we could share that with others. We believe in craftsmanship, hard work and service. We started working in opals because it is challenging and beautiful, like a love story. Our jewelry is a reminder of love to compliment your life. The combination of beautiful opal and strong metal are reflections of our personalities. I’m a little more refined and gracious while Ryan is a bit more abrasive and strong. Together we and our jewelry end up gleaming from a thorough polish. We offer jewelry that is a balance between subtle beauty and vibrant color.

Legend has it there is always a reason why souls meet.-6.png

You can shop our signature designs that are more conservative and traditional like me. Or if you are looking to be quietly bold, shop our hero designs that have Ryan’s courageous spirit. Ryan has been with the Beaumont Fire Department since 2004. His service to the community inspired me to find a way to help also. We have created a line of opal jewelry that supports the International Fire Fighters’ Association’s Burn Fund.

We know that jewelry can transform anyone including when you wear it or the people it supports.