5 date ideas to connect on every love language

When you’re happy to be stuck with your other half you’re always looking for ways to express your love. Here are five fun ideas to show your affection.

  1. Let the oldest person pick a movie from their decade. For a person that prefers quality time as their primary love language, all they need is to sit together on the couch to feel appreciated. Ryan and I have a ten year age gap and you can really feel it when we talk about movies. We recently wanted Summer Rental and Spies Like Us. I have the hardest time keeping up with Roger Moore as James Bond during the movie Cannonball Run. One of our favorites to watch is Airplane! It is a playful time to share these happy moments and reminisce .

  2. Go to any store or mall and pick a gift for each other under $20 in one hour. This amusing activity results in a gift in your hand to say, “Look, he was thinking of me” or “she remembered me.” We've done this challenge a couple of times, more in our younger days, but I still have the sunglass he bought me and Ryan still has the hat I bought him. Gifts are visual symbols of love and they carry emotional value. (Hint, hint shop some jewelry while you are here.)

  3. Work on a home improvement project together. There is always work to do around the house and the maintenance is completed faster with more hands. Accomplishing a house project together will help you each enjoy the home, the time and each other. To do something to please your spouse is a way to express your love for them. These chores are not always romantic or sexy, but they are always much appreciated. Finishing these tasks together as a date idea allows you to kick back, pop-a-top and and feel the pride together.

  4. Ask your spouse out on a date in a love letter. My love language is “words of affirmation.” When Ryan sends me positive reinforcement in a text message, I take a screenshot so I can have a memory. When we started dating we often wrote letters and actually mailed them to each other. We each still have these letters. If your spouse responds well to words, ask them out in a way that is written because the impact will mean so much more to them.

  5. Play a sport together. For the partner that likes physical touch, there are many date night ideas, but we will keep this post G-rated. A fun and different activity will be to play a sport. Golfing could be interesting and you may have to show each other positioning for the proper swing. Ryan and I will kick a soccer ball in the backyard and there is usually some bumping and tackling. And because it is summer and so hot out, playing in the pool together is usually always romantic.

What are fun date night ideas that y’all take part in? There are many nights we sit on the porch and play on our phones, but every now and then, it’s nice to find a unique way to express your love.

Chrissy Jones