5 tips for getting through the man cold, plus a bonus for you

There is a difference between women and men including how we handle being sick. Ryan has several herniated discs and they can flare up and cause pain for awhile and then it goes away. He has medicine to help, but sometimes the pain is to great. Now, I also have herniated discs, but somehow I find a way to get through it more positively than he does. Here are my 5 tips for helping your sick husband:

  1. Don’t ignore him! It makes it so much worse to ignore a sick husband. The moaning and groaning will just get worse. Give him sympathy, he can’t pull through without you.

  2. Offer to get him whatever he wants. Why? Because they will either starve to death while complaining about it, or make a HUGE mess while performing the task. Offering to help makes you look amazing and keeps you from hearing complaints or cleaning up a mess.

    1. Offer to get him medicine AND whiskey. Both of these will decrease the pain (therefore less whining) and help with sleeping (which means less whining).

  3. Nothing gets accomplished when your husband is sick. Don’t ask him to do anything. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. They can’t even move the laundry to the dryer or do the dishes. Husbands can only focus on one thing and that is their sickness.

  4. You’ll be able to enjoy some quiet time. See tip #2 and get him whiskey, he’ll go to sleep and you can binge watch Project Runway. We know this time won’t last long, he’ll be up soon asking for water, then juice because the water doesn’t taste good, then a blanket, then some soup.

  5. Be patient. You can see the light and he is feeling better. Don’t get too ambitious and remind him how he made it through the trenches, keep helping him so he doesn’t fall back to the beginning. If you’re struggling at this point with your words of affirmation, grab yourself a glass of whiskey. It clearly helps.

My bonus for you, love on your husband when they don’t feel good; it does pull at your heartstrings when they are ill. Remember a spoonful of sugar helps AND once the illness has passed, you’ve earned yourself a girls night out, facial, new shoes, or new jewelry.

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The Man Cold Vs The Mom Cold
Chrissy Jones