Working man's jewelry

This MANual for men’s jewelry will help you purchase cool and sexy gifts for him, but also for the discerning man wanting to elevate his style.

Step 1: Keep it simple

Start with a nice watch in stainless steel which will match brown shoes or a black belt. Find good cufflinks, but don’t spend a fortune. Ryan has one set for the one time a year he wears a tux. The less functional and more decorative jewelry gets for a man, the harder it is for him to wear it.

Step 2: Compliment your attire, not overpower it

Women can wear lots of jewelry and usually the more the better. Just like you have 50 wrenches for what we think is the same thing, we have lots of jewelry for all kinds of options. Men, need to keep their jewelry simple in how much to wear and the design. A metal bracelet cuff or leather will add a simple touch and just the right amount of edge.

Step 3: Jewelry is always about confidnce

Find jewelry that matches your personality, and skin tone. Find pieces that you really like and it will feel natural to wear.

Check out our men’s jewelry and let us know if you have any questions. We can help you start with some basic accessories. These are all firefighter approved and good for every type of modern adventure.

Chrissy Jones