My 5 favorite birthday items

Oh my gosh, it’s my birthday!!! I love birthdays. It’s so much fun to celebrate anything and this one day is all about you. BUT GUESS WHAT?!? I’m making my birthday about you. Shop with us this weekend and you’ll get 30% off my favorite styles for my 3rd decade. You’ll get a gift with purchase and free shipping. OH MY GOSH, so much goodness. Check out my five favorite items below.

  1. Red opal ring

    This is the best opal triplet we currently have. There is so much color in this stone that it will blow your mind. Because of this unique stone, there is only one of these rings and we will only have this one as is. Get it now because it is truly one of a kind and we couldn’t make it again.

  2. White opal stackable

    This charming ring will match anything you’ve got going on. Put this ring on when you aren’t sure what else to wear. The common white opal will match any jewelry and the beautiful sparkle will make this petite ring pop.

  3. Crown earrings

    These are my go to earrings. I love the round studs, but really I will wear any of them. I keep these earrings in my jewelry box and wear them all the time. I love the casual mosaic opal style, but the crown bezel silver work dresses up these opals. They are small enough to be casual, but the amount of color in each stone will make them pop. They are literally the best of both worlds.

  4. Cable hoops

    These are a great option for any earring need. You can’t go wrong with a classic cable design which will match any jewelry you already own. You also can’t go wrong with hoop earrings in 2019. Get a pair for yourself and a friend because these will always be in style.

  5. Layer bracelet set

    This is our best selling bracelet. People love the copper, I prefer the gold. I love how comfortable this bracelet is with the open back to make typing or writing easy. I love the mixed metals and the variety of textures. This bracelet is almost a one size fits all so you can adjust it to your needs.

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Chrissy Jones