8 jewelry styling tips

When you want to add a little confetti to every day, add jewelry. We are lucky to have another day and another chance to sparkle. Opal jewelry in particular is said to bring happy dreams, hope and peace. Smile, sparkle and shine with these eight tips to elevate your jewelry. 

  • Determine the role of jewelry. Will you use jewelry as the feature or the completer? If you love jewelry, make it the statement of your outfit. If you never change your jewelry, find classics like our signature styles here.

  • Show your character. Jewelry can be a reflection of your style and personality. Some prefer a large cocktail ring and some wear simple studs, but no matter your preference jewels are all about adding happiness to you look.


  • Loading up on accessories is an exciting way to accent, but know when to stop. An armful of bangles means you should think minimal necklace and earrings. Or an elaborate top should have uncomplicated adornments. One ring per hand looks best, but two is max.


  • An open neckline or solid-color shirt highlights a necklace.

    • Large pendants will draw attention to your amazing jewelry fashion.

    • Large pendants seem to balance out the areas you are trying to hide.

    • Layering adds length and attention, but don’t get weighed down.

    • Opal necklaces ward off gray hair. Avoid the gray and shop here.


  • Small jewelry is hard to see in pictures. If you are out when cameras are flashing, go for bigger necklaces and earrings. These features are captured more in a frame then rings and bracelets.

  • Round pendants compliment most figures. Edgy designs fit best on angular body types. Asymmetrical designs often look more expensive than other styles.

  •  Slightly darker metals look more expensive. It adds richness and tone to add weight to a piece. Cheap materials have a shiny finish because they are painted or covered in a gloss. So don’t worry about always polishing your jewelry.



Even with these styling tips, don’t stress and have fun with it. If you like it, wear it. When you are excited about your styling it will show and make you happy. Jewelry is an essential part of dressing and says just as much about who you are. Get expressive with your jewelry.