Fall 2018 style guide

Ryan will be so happy to hear that the 80s are back. Although we can look back at some of the clothing styles as questionable, the jewelry will be fun to revisit. This fall it is all about statement jewelry. Pull out your big earrings and artsy cuffs.

Hoop earrings are in style this fall. Earrings are a great option to add to any outfit because they bring light and shimmer to your face. Circles and hoops are the most flattering to any face or body shape. For the fall, the bigger the better. Shop our curated hoop earrings here.


For fall, opt for one large statement cuff rather than stacking. Think of the 80s and find a flashy cuff to add some bling to your long sleeves.

Another option for the colder months is statement rings. Since our necks will be covered in turtlenecks and scarfs, look for avant garde rings. Pair a hefty ring with a petite pinky ring for a more detailed look. Shop rings here.


With lots of options to don this fall, the best thing to wear is confidence. Adding jewelry is the icing on the cake and a simple way to make any outfit look a little more sophisticated. No matter what, faith in oneself is the best accessory.

Chrissy Jones