Cable hinge bracelet

Cable hinge bracelet


You balance your life on strength and grace like this bracelet. The elegant rope-like accents are traditional and luxurious. This design element adds beauty and intricacy. The natural Australian opal has a protective cap making this type of opal durable and hard. Opal triplets have layers and layers of color creating deep bold colors.

This ornate bracelet is sterling silver and made to love. The matte finish on the bracelet is unconventional and allows you to wear this detailed bracelet to any occasion. The size of the opal makes it a statement, but the casual unpolished finish means you can wear it any time.

Product details:

  • Sterling silver matte finish (can be polished to a high shine polish if you leave a comment at checkout)

  • Australian opal triplet is natural opal sandwiched between two protective caps

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