Hinged bracelet

Hinged bracelet


A charming bracelet perfect for any wrist. The natural Australian opal opens for a hinged bracelet to allow any wrist to fit into the bracelet. The bangle is forgiving and can fit many wrist sizes, but you can select small, medium or large.

This bracelet will complement any stack you already have, but the true beauty of this sterling silver bangle is the opal. The natural Australian opal triplet is a striking feature to wear around other bangles or can stand out on its own. An opal triplet is the best option for opal bracelets because of the quartz cap over the fragile opal. If you scratch this style of opal, we can buff the quartz and bring back the high shine and color of the opal.

Product details:

  • Sterling silver bracelet

  • Natural Australian opal triplet

  • Small, medium, large

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