Ryan was looking to purchase jewelry for Chrissy, but unfortunately all he could find were expensive pieces. Like everything else, he learned and purchased tools to make it himself. After many, many boxes of supplies arrived and Ryan not sharing, Chrissy became curious. Eventually Ryan presented her with two handcrafted rings. With extra stones and settings Ryan and Chrissy began Modern Accessories. Like Ryan, there are many people looking to get outstanding pieces of jewelry at an affordable cost. The business expanded from traditional stone setting to more modern techniques.

The fine art jewelry is molded, carved, and fired by the two self-taught artists. Chrissy enjoys working with metal clay and fold forming metal. She particularly likes copper. Accents can be made with pastes and patinas to give the metal one-of-a-kind colors. Ryan likes metal-smithing skills with hammering, forging, and soldering. His interest is mainly opals which he gets directly from the miner in Australia.

The unique jewelry pieces are created with hard work, trial-and-error, dedication and sometimes even some blood. Ryan and Chrissy enjoy designing and making their jewelry and are even more delighted for you to admire and hopefully purchase. The goal of their jewelry is to be accessible for people to wear and have fun with it.

 We can create something special for you at any time. We really enjoy when you can come to the studio and participate in making the piece.

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